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Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer on NCIS.

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NO...NO...NO...NO...YOU CAN'T KILL OFF DUCKY!! ... Consider this a threat: you'll lose me as a viewer if you do.
You've got almost the perfect ensemble cast...don't cop out and kill off maybe the most beloved member of the cast just for 'dramatic effect.' M*A*S*H* killed off Col. Henry Blake...and I still think that was a mistake...
OK...big end-of-season cliff-hanger...it insures that the loyal fans (me included) will be watching next season...so you have that...but DON'T kill off any of the perfect cast. It's not worth it just for 'dramatic effect.' Loyal fans (like me) watch in order to engage our favorite people...not to feel sad that they are no longer there.
Let's see Ducky recovering from his heart attack...and if the idea is that any of the other of the main cast were injured in the NCIS HQ explosion...let's see them also recover and go on even more tightly bonded than they were before. Take a cue from the season-ender of CSI-NY. Mac Taylor gets shot and lingers between life and death...but all signs are that he will recover...AND...there were great "fantasy" scenes b/t him and all the other members of the team.
Death of a belover (cast member) is just too much "reality." You are all about ENTERTAINMENT...and not inducing trauma and grief...
I'll definitely check in to check up on Ducky (and the others)...but if you've killed off anyone to whom I've become especially close...you've lost me!! FF

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