Joanna Krupa vs. Adriana de Moura
The former friends went at it during the last The Real Housewives of Miami reunion show. Joanna had been vocal about her new husband's lack of interest in the bedroom giving Adriana an opening. The low blow came when Adriana said Romain's real issue was having a "limp penis." We doubt that Joanna or Romain will forget that insult any time soon.

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Joana is full of hot air dumb as a box of rocks - Go Adriana you have brains and guts to stand up you that self righteous Dumb dyed blonde she and the bald limp French gypsy deserve each other. It is obvious she slept her way to wherever she is now would hardly call her a star - And as far as models there a million others who are more attractive and classy than this low class brassy blonde fake , failed escort or whatever they call women like her now a days. Poor Roman a drunk HoHo for a wife.

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