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Juliet is Still There
Juliet is still there in "Goodbye, Columbia." Clearly whatever she's up to hasn't been ascertained yet.

Rating: 2.8 / 5.0 (31 Votes)

I absolutely love Juliet.I have no problem with her outfits either


actually i think they did think it over. all the neutrals she's been wearing help her blend in just enough to not make her look too suspicious. at least that's what i think :p WHY do they keep making her wear blazers though !!


She has no style. It's like the costume department didn't even think it over.


Why has this girl's wardrobe been so largely ignored?


This looks like a good episode

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Serena: B, can I talk to you for a minute?
Blair: Yes. [to Minion #1] Five paces behind. For privacy. [to Minion #2] Ten for you.

Researching women of power so I can better forge my path to become one ... Sarah Louise Palin!? [to follower] Do you even want to be a minion?!