Leighton and Ed Pic
Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick on the Gossip Girl set. The mere sight of these two together is enough to get people excited.

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Love both of them, just not loving the coat. Still gets a 10 though cos I LOVE Chair :D


haha it looks like Leighton is pushing the car and Ed is hiding for someone.. xD


I don't think that they're filming a scene as that is the coat Leighton wears when she is not shooting...the outfit underneath is the one she wears with a blair-coat when shooting another scene.


erm.. i think they're spying on someone.. n get caught. haha

Mrs basshole

Hehe wish I had thought of that one. I do miss these two (undoubtedly good-looking/gorgeous, loveable) bastards! WALDASS!@


No, he doesnt look angry enough for it to be over a fight.
in the other picture she has her phone out infront of her face as if she is taking a picture-- so she is obviously spotting something and taking a picture for gossip girl and then pushing chuck behind the limo so they can hide from whatever she took the picture of. I feel like its Vanessa and the new boy?


Me too!!!!!!!!!!


Whatever it may be, I've missed these two bastards!


Someone's trying to fight him or he's trying to fight someone else, and she's pushing him out of the way. The question is - why isn't the other person in the picture? WHo is it - Jack? Nate? Carter? Chuck looks sarcastic, so it's probably Carter.



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