Leighton Meeter and Ed Westwick
At the Teen Choice Awards in August 2008, Gossip Girl stars Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester look fabulous as ever. No wonder they make such a hot on-screen pair.

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love 'em both, love 'em together !
whyy can't they be dating like in the show ? by the way, I loooove chuck & blair !


you`re right kia! C&b


why cant chuck look like that ^^^^^??? soooo hoottttttt!!!


They are adorable! Loved them in the finale! Great actors, can't wait to see more of them!


Ed looks like he just got wasted. lol


Hate Leighton's dress, but she looks gorgeous! They are a great on-screen couple, my absolute fave couple right now, but their personalities are probably not that similar in real life, which is why they're friends and not dating. Seriously. You can't pair up real-life people. It's not fair to them.


they would be so perfect together!
she has really dark eyes, and his are kinda hazel or light brown. they should date!


they look so great together. why cant they be together in real life!!
grr. hah
its ok, hopefully it will happen sometime during the 4 seasons left!


Oh My God! Ed Westwick kind of look like he's drunk next to the beautiful Leighton Meester, he should get slapped for acting that way. But, I like to give him and Leigton a chance to go out in real life. AHHH!!! Like that will happen. AHHH!!


I agree with you all
but I love them in GG only
I ♥ Chace/Leighton
better :DD xoxo,
gabby :)

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