Lively, Lovely
Blake Lively looks amazing in Vogue Magazine. Not that we're at all surprised.

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Stunning. Just breath taking.


she looks really different here.


she looks amazing in this pic


I find leighton pretty, yet plain. If I saw her on the street I wouldn't feel intimidated, heck I wouldn't turn twice, If I saw Blake however...


I think they're incomparable- Leighton and Blake.
They are two completely different types of women, Blake is kind of a 'natural' beauty, whereas Leighton is the doll-face, feminine type. Otherwsie, she looks amazing here!


I think,Blair is just good looking like the other girls on the street we had seen everywhere but Blake's so beautiful on her face and perfect body, She's the ONE can't found on
the street.


i love love love this picture


in my opinion, blair/leighton is simply ordinary looking, but i think that Blake is just beautiful, and takes my top place for most beautiful under-25!


God, no! Blake/serena is OBVIOUSLY way more gorgeous than blair!
Blair is just another pretty face, while S is just radiant!
Luv her luv her


what a broad..:)

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