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Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr in the April 2009 issue of Lucky Magazine. What a cutie!

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    I'd take you seriously if you knew how to spell. There is a line between opinion and being downright hostile Bolly's Heart and ChuckandBlair333. I see that you ChuckandBlair333 cannot differentiate between reel and real. And Bolly, go read a book or something.


    screw you leslie, you don't even know what you are talking about! Bolly's heart is simply stating her opinion, and every gossip girl fan deserves to have an opinion on the charictors on the show! You are the pathedic one!


    She is so pretty, this shoot was awesome.


    SO UGLY!
    Why do they even give her a storyline? She is such a stupid charictor!!!! I have vanessa and jessica!!!! She can't even act!


    Oh whatever ur name is lesile loseil or Dr. Phil #2 yes I'm sad because of that and u happy because all the craaaaap u r saying ... trying to be The good and mature women .. this is life and people talk and Im not the first or last person making fun of others as you said ... I don't care who u r or what u say ...
    P.S Take OR leave it ...
    Bolly's Heart


    wow Bolly's Heart u are such a pathetic person and for u to talk about someone like this just shows how sad you are.if u really must put others down to make you feel better about yourself then you really need to get some help. get on your knees and pray for you soul cus god doesnt like ugly and right now your lookin like a troll


    oooh MG .. wht the .........?
    She is sOoOoOo
    Freaking Ugly seriously .. bad lookin .. terrible actin ..thinks she's waw , u could tell .. plllllllz do me a favor colour ur hair red and put some cheap gross red lipstick & guess what u'll Look THE QUEEN OF UGLINESS woooooh congrats dumpy =D


    She's so pretty, I love her eyes


    she is SOOOO beautiful!


    wow she is really exotic looking really pretty