Making like The Walking Dead
No, this is not a scene from The Walking Dead. It's a glimpse at a Castle episode that appears to center on zombies.

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If everyone/most pleope going are of drinking age, you can ask the restaurant to mix up a special cocktail in honor of your dad. You can find a recipe you like online, see if they have a suggestion, or if you are good at mixing drinks, maybe you can invent one yourself. If your dad has a favorite you could use that. If drinking is out, maybe you could ask them to do something festive with the dessert, like write Happy 50th in chocolate around each dessert plate, or put a lit candle in each dessert. Maybe I'm wrong here, but I think that the festivity of birthday cake comes from the whole solidarity factor? The fact that everyone's eating the same thing at the same time, in honor of that particular celebration, and that it's not an every-day thing. So, I think you can capture that same effect with any food/drink, as long as it's special enough. I think almost anything on the menu of such a restaurant would probably apply; you could have a special appetizer or dessert for everyone there and it would be like having bd cake, in my opinion.

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