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Michael E. Knight stars on All My Children. He used to be married to Catherine Hickland.

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come back Mike


come bak Mike.. we love, you.. we will watch you where ever,, we will follow you where ever you go.. LA or NYC.. no matter we will be looking for you..

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All My Children Quotes

Erica Kane: This Trey Shepherd is as cold and as ruthless as they come.
Greenlee Smythe Lavery: It's about time someone's got in his way.
Erica Kane: Made him pay for all the damage he's done.
Greenlee Smythe Lavery: A nice long stretch behind bars.
Erica: No time off for good behavior.
Greenlee Smythe Lavery: And a bunkmate, named Bubba, who wants to be his special friend.

Opal: You could have another heart attack if you're aggravated enough.
Palmer: Then leave, and save my life.

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