Mind Games Season Finale
Megan tracks a serial killer.

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Nice review!Except you kinda miessd the point (would be interesting to see a interview with the story writer).You, as well as many players (and reviewers) kinda miss the point that Alex was born only a few days prior to the intro.The flashback retelling basically recount his birth, the first steps, maturation (or failure to mature).The only thing that drives him is residual memories he absorbed from the dead and real Alex.In fact the player never get to play the real Alex at all, you play as the virus from the start.And if you pay attention to Alex ending dialog it all fall into place.A few days ago he didn't exist. He was a lab experiement, a virus a plague, designed to kill and control others, but the actions of Alex through his death (and breaking of the vial) gave birth to Alex . At first Alex thought he actually was Alex.A lot of people miessd the twist or they didn't miss it but failed to realize the impact. Alex is a virus that became sentient First of his kind!At the end he has a sense of self awareness.And i truly hope they'll make a sequel as I really want to see what path in history Alex will take. Good/Evil/Neutral(his own).I believe this is the very first time I've played a game (or heard of a game) where you actually play a lifeform that becomes sentient.I really hope this get turned into a movie script some day as that could bring out the more dramatic elements much better.You see, I kinda agree with you that the game seemed like a action fest (and it was, and a very good one).I just wish that they'd added more story telling, more acting, and more realizations by Alex because there is a gap between the story telling and action.The action makes him seem like a cold mechanical killer, but the story depicts him as a new lifeform discovering the world and itself.So it feels like two halfs loosely sewed together. Which is a shame as the story has way more potential. (hencing hoping for a sequel or movie adaption).

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Body of Proof Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

I'm surprised anybody gets out of college alive.


Here's the thing about apologies, they don't come naturally to me.