Jessica Szohr in the May 2009 issue of Men's Health. What a great picture.

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I'm don't really like Vanessa but Jessica looks amazing here!And that chocolate cake looks yummy(:


i HATE her she ruins gossip girl, sometimes i just want to punch her :@


She does look better than that hoer leighton who calls herself making a disgusting little tape her and blake are awesome.


wow so much jealousy in you girls. honestly she must a be a greater actress, because only a great actor/actress can make their audience feel such a strong emotion. so people please just get over your jess hate cus shes here to stay : )


wow yall haters needs to SHUT IT jessica looks pretty are yall that stupid shes not vanessa for real and yall just jealous cause shes dating ed(chuck)that because his character goes with blair does not necessary means he has to go out with Leighton in reality gosh u lowlifes REALLY need to get a LIFE


She is so beautiful and she looks hot in this photo;)

Queen t

actually, she is very pretty. and people, let's not confuse characters and the actor themselves.. jeez..


wow what a slut
gossip girl would be way better without her
she isn't even really pretty


She's really pretty but I must agree Vanessa is terrible character, it's not even the acting, she's just a side character that they throw in from time to time trying to make things interesting and doing the opposite. I actually feel bad for Jessica, I mean Leighton Meester is hard to share a screen with, AND she's dating Ed Westwick, whom all the Chair fans want to see date in real life, like Penn and Blake. She's screwed.


U R right!
I mean..She can't even act!!
Why does she RUINING Gossip Girl?
Without HER, everything would be much BETTER!
Send her back to VERMOUNT!
And to Jessica: Is she really THAT desperate?!
She should go.Leave Gossip GIrl and never come back again..
Perhaps in season 3 she's hitten by a car?
*pleaaaaaseeee!* *praying*
We don'T like her.
My label for her:
Desperate BitC*
And as U know..
Labels stick ;)

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