Nate and His Girls
So ... you know what Nate's thinking here! He's had both, why not combine ... just kidding. Maybe. It's Nate. You never know.

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nahh i don't like blair's dress. not her style..and doesn't look that good on her. the dresses that she wears always look good on her, but not this one. and that's been the case recently...dunno what happened to her stylist..or whoever dresses her.
as for serena...WOAH! that girl's got legs!! goorgeous!


i lovee blair's dress..finally a good season 1/2 outfit for blair. back in season 1 and 2, i could never imagine blair wearing any of the outfits she is wearing in season 3. and i agree, her hair needs to be longer and darker. her hair kinda looks reddish, they need to dye it back to dark brown. serena looks great too btw.


the colour looks great on blair but what's with the cut? it has absolutely no shape at all and it makes her look flat chested. and her hair? i agree, it looks so . . . her hair in season 1 and 2 was to die for! c'mon eric daman WTF? on the other hand serena looks absolutely stunning! look at those legs and those curves!


i totally agree with all of u!blair's hair looks limb,dull,straight and drab,.....where are the long red curls she used to have*for ex in hi society her hair was to die for!!!*and the dress is not as stunning as serena's which is a first!blair used to dress to die for!now she dresses common and serena dresses better than her(i know,wow!)

Anne st

i see Paris, I see France i see Serena's ass. had Blair worn a form fitting dress like Serena this picture would have been an A++. Once again i commend Eric Daman for having some fashion sense even if it's just a fluke.


WOhhhho now serenas' looking damn gorgues ! nice curves


Ahh I love B's dress, she looks gorgeous as always,
but umm, can we get the LONG dark curls please?
A little limp and short than it used to be. With the clothes making a rebound and Blair's minions and power hopefully coming back to front, the hair would make it all perfect. Plus chuck and Blair drama.... :D I AM NOW BACK TO LOVING THIS SHOW


LOL at the caption, he probally thinking either that or "hey is that is mirror?" Oh Natie, how we love you.


i remember a similar pic with chuck in nate's place and both blair and serena looked better in that photo i think it was the "take me now" episode at william vanderbilt's thing.....sigh i miss chuck *pouts*


pretty dress for b, but can't they do anything interesting with her hair anymore?! it's been so, SO drab.

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I had a buddy that went to Exeter, and the stories he told would make Keith Richards blush.


[on her apartment] In a post-war building on a street that's not even numbered? It's lettered. And its big selling point is that it's above a falafel stand.


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