Nate to the Party
Nate and Serena at Blair's birthday party. Somehow we sense a fight going down with someone there at some point.

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OMG.. so beautiful... equally hot...perfect for each other... pls writers bring back SERENATE... serenate! the golden couple.. SERENATE end gamee....


oooh my gawd..serenate! the golden couple, bring back em together pleasee :)


ahhh totally haawt and totally booring...what can i say? they belong together...?


awwwww my beloved Serenate... I hope they get back together soon, Idk why but I only like them together otherwise they are really annoying and I hate both characters soooooo much when they are apart I canot stand neither of them, but together they are so lovely!


I used to love Serena and Nate together, but geez he is so dumb and not interesting this season I'm not sure I can root for them anymore. Boy, do they look good together. Maybe he'll wake up and the writers can finally give him a better storyline?


NS look amazing!


Bring Serenate back!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more girls for Nate, no more boys for S, just put them back together for god` sake!!!


ahh serena and nate my otp!


yup! THE GOLDEN COUPLE!!!!uhhh!!! they are really good to each other....


The Golden Couple! :D

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Blair: What are you still doing here Chuck? I threw you out hours ago.
Chuck: I wanted to let you know the treaty is over.
Blair: Fine with me. This pretense of civility was exhausting.

Serena: Did you invite the entire Columbia faculty to your party tonight?
Blair: I may have invited the dean and whomever she favors. Why do you care? You're not going.
Serena: Well the anniversary party was canceled so yes I am. And now it turns out so is Colin.
Blair: Unless you mean Firth or Farrell I'm not listening.