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Nell Jones (Renee Felice Smith) has made for a fun addition to the NCIS: Los Angeles cast. We're glad she's sticking around.

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OMG! RFS is SO FAR beyond adorable, it's impossible to describe! Mickey Mouse voice, sure; but, with an overall unbeatable feel and chemistry that just plain FITS the part and the need perfectly! Besides, she can do like Kathy Ireland (who had an even HIGHER 'helium voice') - take some "voice-lowering" lessons, so that she can reduce the 'chalkboard level.' To me, she has become SO much an integral part of the overall cast that she no longer (for me) has that "fingernails on chalkboard" effect any longer - I have come to understand that "small stature = different voice."


She's cute, definitely!!


She is not a good addition to the show. Her voice sounds like Mickey Mouse, or like she just inhaled helium. It's also like fingernails on a chalkboard, need I go on!

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