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Nate and Serena in "The Empire Strikes Jack," the March 29, 2010 episode of Gossip Girl. What do you think of these two together?

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i freaking love them together!!! they are so adorable. two people this hot deserve to be together. serenate are having fun together but chair got all mature over season 2 but i still love them both. BUT go SERENATE xoxoxo


They're cute and all but I dont know I still rather Dan and Serena. They just click. Just like Blair and Chuck.


i love them together but they fight and makeup in every episode, i agree with everyone saying that them falling in love was a little out of the blue but you have to remember that theyve had feelings for one another for a while now and although they were with other people they never got over each other.


i love serenate . they're really really cute.


They're CUTE =]
I love them !! NS


yeah, they could have written them SO much better than this. They had almost no build-up, they gave us NO insight about Serena's feelings (and no, saying "I love you" out of the blue is no insight, sorry), all they do is have sex and fight, fight and have sex. Please, this is NOT epic.
Right now it just seem like they're throwing bones to the Serenate fanbase, and that they'll soon move on with other pairings. Pretty sad.

Elise of the upper east side

haha I wouldn't mind if they were together (tho its a bit annoying that chair, serenate, and danessa are all together simultaneously...seriously??) but nate was all over bree and serena was in love w/ carter and now they are in love? come on.


They are the best couple ever





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