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Nick Burkhardt has a lot to learn about himself on Grimm. His past comes out a lot on episode three.

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, "time is illusion and yetasrdey can be so far away" so this is where my heart is at. God is singular, everything that is. Everything is an expression of a God who is playful and wants to breathe in the beauty of life from countless lungs. Societal expectations and norms distort this truth and make people question his and her own character which obscures their innate Godhood from them burring it further and further by various means such as media, consumerism, religion, and so on. So all that to say that change of self most closely is a type of dualism: if you want to become a vegetarian and then change your diet then that is a change that alters a part of who you are as a person but it does not change the core of your being, the thing that really makes you unique and distinguishable-the expression of god through the embodiment of "you" remains intact always and can never been altered in any way. Maybe a more capturing example would be clothing the naked body. the body exists unchanged regardless of the clothes draped on it, likewise the mind (or heart or soul or personality ad inifitum) can never be truly changed by any type of "clothes" placed upon it. This is my thought... Hope all is hell with you and great show. I listened to it a few hours ago but will fore sure listen to it again before your next show.

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Grimm Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Eddie: Well, I sniffed her out.
Nick: Good boy.

Wu: Oscar worthy performance De Niro.
Nick: Middle School Drama Club.