Not Married But Cute
Sorry, Meredith and Derek are not married. The Post-It does not count. However, they are so cute together and we're sure they will stay together for life.

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Um excuse me but Meredith and Derek are married!!!! :) I use to have this picture as my wallpaper because this is the day that Derek found out about the miscarriage!:( I thought this was the sadest episode next to season 6 season finale! :( :(


This is such a domestic picture that it's endearing. Love Merder and that post-it does make them married!


Well in Shonda land they are married and most important they are together forever! Agree that they are so cute. Hope it's a long scene.


Seriously seriously?????? The post-it is what it is if you can't handle that then toooo bad!!!!!
BTW this pic is ahhhdorable :D


Come on this ruins it for me. They ARE married. in grey's anatomy world they are soooo married.
Just cause Meredith didn't wear a white dress and walk down the isle doesn't mean they're "not married." but they are cute. i agree on that one!


I love the way she's keeping a hand on her stomach and Derek holding hers again:)
They have to have a baby!


you guys have GOT to chill about the post-it. for all you know they've gone and made it legal, and they just haven't shown it. you HAVE to calm down


Really? You need to still argue with the post it? Wow. That is sad. And yes, very cute.

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(to Meredith) You know this isn't normal.


Biology determines much of the way we live. From the moment we're born we know how to breathe and eat. As we grow older new instincts kick in. We become territorial. We learn to compete. We seek shelter. Most important of all, we reproduce. Sometimes biology can turn on us though. Yeah, biology sucks sometimes.


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