Phone Call
Ed Westwick takes a call - or sends a text - on the set of Gossip Girl as Chuck Bass in late February 2009.

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That coat is notsogood on him. Weird.

Mrs basshole

Don't care if it accidentally calls people. Chuck Bass's phone? Gotta have it.


actually you dont want the dare....i have it and although i love that it's chuck's phone it is the most ANNOYING phone i have ever had. the touch screen gets so frustrating and if you keep your phone in your back pocket you might accidentally call people. it happens to me all the time... gets scraches and fingerprints on the screen easily and its hard to clean. ALSO...its extremely slippery and personally i drop it alot accidentally. lasty...the full keyboard is difficult to get used to because of the touchscreen making texting slower and extremely frustrating. i absolutely love the phone and im sorry to be trashing it because i know that you want it..just take my advice...stick with a phone with actual start to miss it after a while.
sorry...hopefully my review was helpful...


omg i sooooooo want the LG Dare!!!! not only because it's chuck bass' phone, but it looks really cool!!!

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