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Prentiss in Danger
Paget Brewster in the March 2, 2011 episode of Criminal Minds. Her character, Emily Prentiss, finds herself in grave danger.

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Why is criminal minds getting rid of prentiss. i have watched this show for a long time. i miss jj and they need to keep prentiss. i think if they kill her off they will lose alot of viewers. i dont like their spinoff.

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Criminal Minds Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Rossi: You know you haven't had a vacation in a while, weren't you talking about Italy?
Prentiss: My mother extended her trip there; it would not be much of a vacation.
Rossi: It's a big country
Prentiss: Not big enough.

Prentiss: He is just a kid, can't be more than 25.
Morgan: A kid with an assault weapon isn't just a kid anymore.