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Questioning Roy
Quentin has some question for Roy in this Arrow scene. It's from the season 2 premiere, "City of Heroes."


My boys and girls each went thru Briones in the last ten years, starting off in its heyday being an "overflow" college via a few yrs ago. The youngsters were an incredibly varied and typically transient team some thing like 18 languages spoken at your home. The instructors were frequently pretty veteran and able, though I used to be surprised to uncover the next grade instructor had taught my kid a whole lot about artists but rarely anything about spelling. And also the principal, Gary Dalton, presided more than the entire thing that has a benign and capable existence. The moms and dads were supportive and generally an incredibly great team most people pitched in. My feeling is the fact that it was lessen critical than a number of the other schools (in tune with Barron Park) but still pretty engaged and just friendly. We seen it pretty welcoming once we moved there. Barron Park is transferring up on the earth a bit, I think, with new properties plus some Google persons, so points may well be transforming.

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