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Life as a male escort? It could be worse for Ray Drecker.

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Love the show. Ray is my kind of guy! I'd take a 2nd job just to afford him occasionally. I was amused by Tanya and her scrawny little self, with the wardrobe from the good will. I just knew she wore Birkenstock shoes and ate only organic food. didn't own or use a hairbrush. Her intensity was appealing and her sense of self amazing. I see someone has shown her that dressing down is not necessary, and heels don't inhibit running and climbing over a barrior rope. She has improved herself w/o changing her character..BRAVO! I also like Charlie, pimp tho he is/was.
The entire show is a pleasure and delight, but if you let Ray get involved with his dizzy/nutcase ex-wife any more than fleetingly, I will be hugely disappointed. Don't forget she was a part time lesbian. She and Lenore should be a couple. Also nice to see that sullen cranky daughter of Rays Do something with her hair and clothes. A vast improvement. I did love Birthday Girl episode and Pregnant girl's fling with Ray in the tub. Real turn ons. Have to get the DVDs to re-live those episodes.

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Hung Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Just because Ronnie can't buy you a car doesn't mean I can't.


Tanya: Hi, mom. I'm feeling kinda lonely.
Tany's mother: Are you in the hospital? Never call me this late unless you're in the hospital.
Tanya: It's 8:30.