Reaching for a Star
Reach for the stars, Santana and Finn. Always reach for those stars.

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I actually like them together ! They look soooooooo cute , plus Finn would be good for Santana . He doesn't cheat or anything so that would show her how she should be treated as well as treat him in return because he's been hurt so much . I like Fintana !!! WUUUUU !!!!!!!!


i think that if finn and santana date it would be cute and diffrent because no one would expect them to date. And it would maybe change santana and finally gve her a stable relationship. But of course in the end i hope that Finchel come back together and love each other again. Plus finn and santana make a hot couple!!!wouldn't mind seeing some Fintana love!! and Finchel forever though!!!


i hate santana. rachel + finn equals happiness

Gg girl

Santana and finn YAY. Finaly some change to spice it up. i hate rachel she is so anoying and only cares about herself. GO FIN AN SANTANA


Rachels thing was a gold star. I think he's going to attempt to date santana (mainly to annoy rachel) but then when santana puts the gold star up all he can think of is rachel - hereby dumping her and apologising to rachel and then Finchel getting back together XD


In Furt Finn rejected Santana and loved Rachel, then he's a total jerk to her in the next episode ogling Santana in the halls, and now he's going to date her? Does he do a lot of drugs or have multiple personalities? Because that makes no sense. Put the crack pipe down, writers. I hope he gets herpes from her. Rachel is well rid of him


i think finn and santana could be good for each other


Disgusting! I agree with the other poster...she's a biotch & he's an idiot that like Will, needs to grow a pair! Tired of the whole minute he's in love with Rachel & gonna fight for her, then he's dumping her! It happened in both Season 1 & 2! C'mon writers! Did you guys lose your creativity or something? They're Finchel is popular...why mess with a good thing? Are you trying to drive viewers away? The Finn/Rachel storyline is as repetitive as the performance at Sectionals where they come in the same way as at Regionals! Glee may need new writers before it gets boring & doesn't last another season!


Puke. Santana's such a biotch.

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