Ridge and Brooke
Ridge and Brooke just can't get enough of each other. The couple continues to get married!

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i love brook and ridge they remind me of how to love someone and fight for your love no matter how hard is it.i wish they will never broke up. keep it up guys i am your number one fan.


Ridge and Brooke are good togather. they were very nice whene they are with their soon. in spite of Brooke didn't know occupating children !! lonly they were very very magic.


hi John Kalantary I am aging Tomorrow aging coiders comes now go soon ! Times 6:00 The bold and the beautiful copy DVD wich TV ok Movies


you are one sick woman ilka


i hate ridge and brooke together. ridge need to be with somebody else. taylor need to leave ridge alone for good. ridge is nothing. brooke hurt lot people like stephanie,taylor,macy, bridget,caroline,and ashley so brooke is jealous of this women because they have somebody and not her. if i meet brooke lang i will kill her. brooke is a nasty hoe bitch.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Quotes

Stephanie: You think this is all my fault? You have brought this on yourself.
Brooke: All I ever did, Stephanie, was to love Ridge.
Stephanie: And his father, and his brother, and your son-in-law. Is it any wonder Bridget is confused? I mean, is it any wonder your daughter would confuse natural feelings of respect and affection for romance? You have blurred the lines of socially-acceptable behaviour. And you stand here and you tell me you're proud. What are you proud of? Having your son-in-law's baby? I know what you're proud of. Chasing after a man whose wife's body is barely cold in the ground.

Brooke Logan Forrester is nobody's fool, nobody's.