The Vampire Diaries

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The vampire diaries
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Rose and Elena
Ready to meet Rose, viewers? This vampire stands alongside Elena in an episode named after her, "Rose."

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0 (13 Votes)

Rose doesn't desevere damon, i hope she gets a stake through her heart if not in this episode, then the next. same haircut as alice cullen? wow she doesn't even have good taste. stop bringing on pointless guest stars and show the cool characters like damon, caroline, stefan, katherine, and tyler. those people need lots of screen time to make the show interesting :)


I liked her hair better when she was on supernatural (loved Bela!)lol she's still gorgeous though, can't wait for [spoiler] her to hook up with Damon, those two probably look really hot together


ohh yeaaa .. lets put damon && elena together ..she will get him mad then he'll accidently kill her just like he did to her brother smh ..oh yeaaaa that sounds perfect *signs*


i want them not to be together not yet but for damon to keep on flirting on elena like does with his eyes and charm to elena


i want damon and elena to be together because in this episode he gets close with rose not elena


with hugachaka. :)


Aw, wow, what did they do to her hair?!


I love Lauren Cohen in Supernatural. But I'll be prepared with the wave of Damon fangirls attacking her... again.... haha


hello alice cullen....

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The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Rose: I know who you are. I said be quiet.
Elena: What do you want?
Rose [slap!]: I said be quiet.

That werewolf road leads straight to vampire boulevard!