Rufus and Lily Photo
Another nice photo of Rufus and Lily, this time in "Remains of the J," from Season Two of Gossip Girl. They make a sweet couple.

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I think Kelly Rutherford plays Lily really well. Lily and Rufus have an amazing chemistry and rock as a couple. Missed seeing Lily in Age of Dissonance.


I'd think this would be a nicer photo if Lily didn't look like she'd just crawled out from under Dorothy's house... seriously, what is the deal with that pose?


there´s a party in the palace, lily and rufus just arrived and the police is outside, OH MY GOD!I CAN´T WAIT! lily and rufus the cutest couple!


I really like Lily's bag


Haha, I can't wait to see the crazy mix of a family that will result from the two of them being together. Oh my, what a full house it would be. Lily, Rufus, Serena, Eric, Dan, Jenny, and Chuck. :D Cute little fam

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Dan: What does Chuck Bass do at 8 in the morning? It's not like you work out.
Chuck: I do my cardio in the evenings. The morning is for business, which I am late for.

Eric: Does this feel like a sitcom to anyone else?
Dan: More like a reality show.
Chuck: Then I can vote you off.