S. van der Woodsen
Serena van der Woodsen looks like her typical self - and by that we mean she is gorgeous - in this photo from "Pret-a-Poor-J," from Season Two of Gossip Girl.

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serena is stunning.. and so are her clothes x


that out fit is soooo Cute. And caroline you are sooo right shes like drop dead gorgeous!!!!!!


agreed, macscene... what happened to her? she used to be so trim! now it seems like wardrobe is trying to put more emphasis on her breasts and legs, and take attention away from her hips/midsection, which leads to some real hoochie mama looks. but when they put her in jeans and a top like this, there's no hiding it.. just my opinion, has anyone else noticed??


I've seen more gorgeous women than her. She is just average.


Shes so unbelievably gorgeous! I'm so jealous at how beautiful she is.

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Dan: DO you love him?
Blair: NO! No, of course not.
Dan. So why don't you just say it to get what you want? Frat guys have been doing that since ... forever.
Blair: I can't! If I say it then Chuck wins.
Dan: But... if you say it then you get him and you win.

Blair: I was thinking I'd just disappear for awhile. Give him a taste of life without me.
Dan: No, that's a terrible idea. Don't disappear. Become unavoidable. Chuck may be a deviant but he's still a man. Drive him crazy. Wear him down. You should be good at that.
Blair: Look who finally got a little interesting.
Dan: I'm sure it's a fluke.

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 8 Music

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Crash  burn girl Crash & Burn Girl Robyn iTunes
Partie traumatic Partie Traumatic Black Kids iTunes
With light there is hope With Light There Is Hope Princess Point One Five iTunes