Sad, Sad Serena
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We have a hunch that the return of her dad is not going to bring Serena joy at the end of the day. We hope we're wrong, but that's our gut reaction.

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    I think Serena will go like Super Bitch on Jenny, because Serena does not like it if you mess with her man. Remember Georginia and Dan in season 1? And that girl Chuck hired to date Dan to make Serena jealous? I dont think Serena is going to let Jenny just take Nate from her, she'll probably put up a good fight for her man. And I dont think Jenny is going to be leaving New York for boarding school because of Chuck or Nate I think its because she tries to split Rufus and Lily up and because Damien gets arrested and she's afraid that she will be arrested too, so her parents ship her off or something like that atleast I hope thats why.


    @ihatejenny/taylor i agree with you LOL :)
    i wanna see THE LEGENDARY OLD SERENA too!! so please SERENA WAKE UP and destroy Jenny as only you kwow how to do


    YES Serena go fight for Nate!!!! Seriously JENNY should GTFO!!!!!Stay VERY FAR AWAY FROM SERENATE!!!!


    The writters should to do things more interesting with Serena because she is a main character!! she can be a bitch too if she wants and take down Jenny show her why she is SERENA VAN DER be carefull Jenny,Serena is back.
    Sorry for my bad english


    DAMN JENNY who do you think you are!??!
    she was nice in the first season, but now you think you can take down SERENA VAN DER WOODSEN?!


    let me make it clear to evryone that SERENA DIDNT BECOME THE LEGENDARY S IN GOSSIP GIRL FOR NOTHING. SHE CAN ALWAYS RESORT BACK TO HER OLD WAYS TO TAKE DOWN JENNY..NOT TO MENTION BLAIR WILL BE IN HER SIDE. Jenny will always and is always the fool. She could have used their generosity for good, but look at her! the money and the stolen fame she got from B and S have gotten into her head. It's time she gets reminded of her BK roots


    serena can be the bitchiest upper eastsider if she wants to be. jenny's going down.


    I love bitch S,she is fierce


    She can be a bitch all she wants in my book, as long as she's being the bitch to take down Jenny/fight for Nate.


    The return of Bitch Serena! Yes! It's the only time she's interesting!