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Sadness in Seattle
This face of devastation is one we are curious about the origin of. Anyone have any theories?

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    When I orginally posted my first comment it was before watching the episode 'Push'.

    Having since watched this episode I now know that Lexie is crying because she has found out Mark is ready to move on and date and have a relationship with Teddy Altman. Alex tells Lexie that Mark has asked Teddy out, Lexie thinks it's a joke, til Alex says no I think he's serious he wants to take Teddy out to lunch. That's when Lexie walks in on Meredith in the ladies room and procedes to full to pieces as photo demonstrates.

    I'm a big softie and seeing the photo of the young boy in pain made me assume that he may have died and that's why Lexie was crying, she has feelings for her patients, she cried when she was treating that serverly burnt injured boy that saw Kepner get fired, fyi I do wear glasses:-


    I simply miss Slexie!
    And seeing Lexie cry on the floor made me incredibly sad. I don't think Mark is over her neither! so why do you let us suffer Shonda?!?!?!?!?!


    @DSD omg i agree with you sooooo much i really dont want to see that happen.. its just so wrong lol.. and they were totally the next merder... I NEED MY SLEXIE BACKKKKK


    i do believe that lexie and mark were the next merder, why cant they just go back to that
    i`m horrified of the thought of mark and teddy having the hot sex.


    Poor lexie. She's been through so much, what with her mum dying and her dad being an alcoholic, moving to seattle, boyfriend problems etc...
    I'm over her and Mark. He is an ass. I would really love to see Lexie and Jackson together.
    Just wondering, why do people make a big deal about the age difference between Mark and Lexie, when Meredith, who is only a year or two older than Lexie, is married to derek who is the same age as mark?


    I want Lexie and Mark toghether again!!!! PLEASE!!!


    Arizona is an attending so she wears dark blue scrubs. Residents such as Lexie wear light scrubs. The girl in the photo is Lexie.

    I understand that people are annoyed that so many shitty things have been happening to Callie, and that it doesn't seem fair that she should have trouble with Arizona just when things are going well for her finally.....but thats life. Life is unfair and unbalanced at times and I'm glad the writers aren't trying to make the characters' lives too 'balanced'. It make sit more realistic.


    @ dimples61: Easy tiger!! People do (and are allowed to) have different opinions or sense of humor, please don't go throwing bricks at them.
    I -for one- loooove Callie and Arizona, but I can't wait to see them getting a bit messed up. Come on, it's interesting, we can cry along with them and we all know they´ll be okay cause the whole world (incl Shonda) is in love with this couple. So lightin' up... just think about their hot make-up sex at the end of their bumpy road. :-P

    (also, talking about glasses and then being the 4th in line with the same answer... that's a bit calling the kettle black, isn't it?! ;-) ).


    Hmmm it amazes me that the ??FANS?? can watch this show and still don't have a clue what is going on. Or who the actors are. JustAFan I think we got it that Smileyglen thinks Lexie is greiving over the little boy. Or maybe you wanna post it again??? MeSoSad Had that been Arizona. I totally doubt she would be falling in the floor crying. She is to mature to act like that. And Callie told Sloan she was in a mature and loving relationship. Why do we all have to assume at some point Callie is going to break AZ's heart and sleep with Sloan? I'm scared that might happen too. But I don't find pleasure or think it is funny that it might happen. Callie finally found someone to love and be loved by. George never loved her and Sloan just uses her for sex. So we want her loving honest and beautiful relationship to have problems??? So she can be used by a manwhore??? NICE!!!


    I echo smileyglen's interpretation.. Lexie grieving the loss of a young patient (in another of the posted pictures)

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