Sexy Jessica
Jessica Szohr plays Vanessa Abrams on Gossip Girl. People don't like her character too much, but she sure is pretty.

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Damn that motherchucker

Love her makeup here :)
She often looks so pretty.
I guess they don't let her show it off on the show since she's still kinda just the girl from Brooklyn/Vermont, not the UES. But she definitely is absolutely gorgeous.


i think she is ugly on the show and normally
gossip girl would be way better without her, and so would ed
Leighton and Blake are like, ten times prettier


I like the tag line to this picture.


shes soo pretty
in the show
i agree they definitley uglified her


L.X. I freaking agree


She looks so ugly the show,but in real life,WOW,she's gorgeous.Maybe more than Blake or Leighton is.

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