Liz Lemon spent the holidays hanging out with Jack's family. That just made her all the more hilarious, of course.
Happy holidays from 30 Rock. Sorry, Jack, we mean to say: Merry Christmas!
Liz is in the Christmas spirit in this scene from 30 Rock. It's courtesy of the episode "Christmas Attack Zone."

30 Rock Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Pete: Ever since Tracy got nominated for a Golden Globe, he thinks he's Sean Penn.
Liz: Well they both have had screaming fights with Wyclef Jean.

It's my new thing, travel on Christmas Day. That way I avoid the annual Lemon family blow up, and this year it's going to be a doozy. My aunt Linda is bringing her new boyfriend who is neither her age nor her race, and her ex-husband will also be there with his date...alcoholism. I swoop in the next day for presents and pie.