Naomi gets angry at Navid when he refuses to take her side against the new faculty adviser.
The gang sits around the Blaze with their new faculty adviser, Mr. Cannon (Hal Ozban).
Teddy decides to test Silver by trying to make her jealous in the upcoming 90210.
Naomi walks with her girls as she prepares for battle against the Blaze's new faculty adviser.
Gia and Adrianna end up going on their first official date in the upcoming 90210 episode.

90210 Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Mr. Cannon: I'm warning you, I have very high standards.
Naomi: They couldn't be too high or you'd be working in news and not bossing a bunch of wanna be kids around for what, twenty grand a year?

Jasper: You have to understand, I'd do anything for you.
Annie: You really want to do something for me? Just leave me alone.

90210 Season 2 Episode 16 Music

  Song Artist
Blood 129 Blood The Middle East iTunes
Song Bluedreamdrops Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra iTunes
City girl City Girl Stars Crashing Cars iTunes