Will Capt. Lance participate in trying to save his town or will he just stand idly by on the sidelines while the citizens of Starling City drop to their deaths all around him? I'm not sure which is more helpful at this point.
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Seriously. Why are they dressed up like twinsies? It's really a little bit odd, don't you think? What happened to Oliver's awesome furry number he was wearing when we were still calling him Al? Now it's like they're going to the school picnic at the amusement park together.
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If anyone doubts whether Al Sah-Him has lost his identity as Oliver Queen, you need merely look at his face in this photo.
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Oliver falls to his knees in front of Ra's al Ghul. What does that mean? Is he giving up to the man or is this another play to take his attention off of yet a different plan he has in action?
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Someone seems to have gotten the attention of the prisoners.
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Well, this happens. When it's happening? We'll have to find out.
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Is Ra's kicking Oliver in the chest with his boot? Things have gone from bad to worse in short order if that's the case. Is this part of Oliver's plan to prove to himself he's strong enough to take over the League?
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Ra's, the hooded street thug who is currently leading the League of Assassins, needs a new right hand man at his side since Katana (Tatsu) killed Maseo. While Oliver looks like Mini-Me at the moment, we have to vote he overthrows Ra's and tosses him aside.
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Arrow Quotes

Laurel: Helena, you don't have to do this.
Helena: Yes, I do. Because once you let the darkness inside, it never comes out.

Oliver Queen is dead, eventually to be reborn as Ra's al Ghul. For now, only the Arrow, Al Sah-him, shall remain. Al Sah-him, Heir to the Demon.

Ra's al Ghul