Rick Castle and Kate Beckett are on the case at a Wild West resort to uncover a killer in Castle Season 7 Episode 7.
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When clues to a murder point back to an old case, Castle finds himself back at the 12th precinct to consult.
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Annie Wersching guest stars as Dr. Kelly Nieman on Castle. "Disciple" is the ninth episode of the show's sixth season.
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Are these colleagues of the murder victim or is one of them the killer on Castle. "Monteal" is the second episode of the show's seventh season.
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We're loving Kate Beckett's new hair style this season. All of her styles have been great (except for maybe season 2) but the shorter cut looks great on her.
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Alexis welcomes her father into her new place on Castle. "Get a Clue" is the sixth episode of the show's sixth season.
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Rick Castle is very much a ladies man. It's easy to see why, isn't it?
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Castle Quotes

Sometimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing.


Castle: You're not alone in this. I'm here.
Beckett: I know.