Ryan's got blood on his shirt and guns are drawn. Yeah, Detective Kevin Ryan is definitely in trouble during this episode of Castle.
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It looks like Detective Ryan's moonlighting at a security job in order to make ends meet. Maybe that means he no longer has to work at the strip club.
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Hopefully Ryan gets some help from his friends both inside and outside of the 12th precinct if things go back on this job.
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Whatever story Castle is being told, he certainly doesn't look as though he's buying it.
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Is that Detective Ryan taking on five armed police officers? This doesn't look good for him.
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We'd say Ryan made the right decision putting his gun down and his hands in the air. Jenny and Sarah Grace would like to see him come home tonight.
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Beckett comes to Castle's rescue in this shot from the ABC show. That's not an unusual developments.
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Castle Quotes

Sometimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing.


Kate Beckett: You texted Castle and not me?
Kevin Ryan: Well, when you have a crazy theory you don't call the voice of reason.