You gotta love Kristin Kreuk as Hannah. How come? Just look at the guest star on Chuck!
Chuck gets to know his fellow passenger during this scene from "Chuck Versus First Class." Yup, that's guest star Kristin Kreuk.
Brandon Routh appears on Chuck in the role of Shaw. He's making quite an impact.

Chuck Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Shaw: Is Chuck Bartwoski a real spy?
Sarah: Yes, of coruse he is. I mean his training has been irregular and he was a civilian only two years ago.
Shaw: These mission reports tell another story. Sometimes he sounds like Bond, other times it's like a Jerry Lewis movie.

Jeff: Your coffee sir.
Morgan: Jeffery, thank you so much. [takes a niff] Mmm hmm. You know, call me old fashioned, but I prefer cream over laxative.

Chuck Season 3 Episode 5 Music

  Song Artist
Respect Respect Otis Redding iTunes
Song Open Late Weekends Daniel May
Womens wear Women's Wear Daniel May iTunes