Jeff goes outside in his robe to grab the next swimsuit model to interview for the open "green shirt" position at the Buy More.
When Chuck tries to hack into Cole's information chip, he gets busted by some Fulcrum agents. That probably wasn't too bright.
Chuck rubs his face after he gets slapped by a swimsuit model that Jeff and Lester decided to sexually harass in their failed attempt to get laid.
Jeff and Lester take over the task of hiring a new green shirt and they decide to hire a swimsuit model and used the time honored tradition of the casting couch to try and sleep with one of them.

Chuck Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Morgan: It's just a shame that Chuck couldn't be here. Although, I'm pretty sure he's probably enjoying his own delicious little meal right about now. And of course I mean Sarah Walker.
Devon: Yeah, if he hasn't broken up with her yet.
Morgan: Uh, why on God's green earth would he ever, ever break up with Sarah?
Devon: Ask Ellie. It was her idea.
Morgan: Really?
Ellie: What? He said that he didn't think she was the one.
Morgan: There are a few precious things I know anything about in this world. Chuck's one of them. Believe me, Sarah's the one.
Ellie: How do you know?
Morgan: How do I know? It's-It's all over the kid's face. When Chuck is around Sarah, he is the Chuck that we always dreamed of. The-The Chuck that has the potential to do anything in the world.

Sarah: We have to go into 24 hour protective detail until further notice.
Chuck: What exactly does that mean?
Sarah: It means we can't break up and we have to move in together.