Abed and Britta set up for Shirley's holiday party on next week's episode of Community.
Pierce is more than willing to help out at the Holiday party by showing up with his keyboard.
Jeff stands up to the school bully, who is ironically played by Anthony Michael Hall the geek from the Breakfast Club that Community mocks. The irony was not lost on us at least.
Senor Chang demands silencio as he takes a nap during Spanish class.
In yet another attempt to be politically correct, the Dean dresses as some hybrid holiday character.
Abed, Troy and Annie get the holiday spirit as they enjoy some candy... circles? Must be another clever Greendale politically correct move.

Community Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Shirley: I made you all a little gift because you're like my new family.
Annie: WWBJD?
Pierce: If it stands for "What Would Billy Joel Do?", I'll tell you right now, he'd write another crappy song.
Troy: Yeah, in your face Billy Joel.
[Troy mouths who is that to Annie, who mouths back I don't know]
Shirley: It stands for "What Would Baby Jesus Do?"

Happy last day before winter break. Time to visit our loved ones. Some of you will travel as far as 3 miles! Don't forget to visit our winter wonderland in the quad where were giving away up to six semester of free classes. Wow, what's that sound? Is that the tip tapping of secular boots on on the roof? That must be another sign that it 'tis the season because rumor has it that non-denominational Mr. Winter is on his way to the student lounge.