This is a scene from the episode "418/427." Sara and the team are on the case of a man suspected of killing a FBI agent's wife.
Do your thing, Nick! The CSI tackles a man in this scene from "418/427."
Catherine and Nick are seen here on the episode "418/427." They are on the trail of a suspect/pedophile.

CSI Season 11 Episode 10 Quotes

I've seen it before. Cop fast turns into hostage late. I'll deal with Gauss myself.

Agent Danielle Moore

David: Looks like a twenty-two.
Doc Robbins: Used to be the preferred caliber for mobsters and assassins.
David: Nowadays they go for a Glock Four-O.
Doc Robbins: Thank you... Ten Cent. Why don't you move him to autopsy, and try not to bust any rhymes on your way out.