Paul presses Sonny for answers about his marriage. We're curious to hear what Sonny has to say.
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What is up with Serena and that silly elephant statue? What's the big secret she's trying to hide from Eric?
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Serena's secret plan to switch her elephant statue with Eric's hits a snag. What could be so special about this silly statue?
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Alison Sweeney turned 32 in September of 2008. She's also pregnant with her second child.
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Oh my! With her and EJ finally back together what could cause Sami to have this kind of a breakdown?
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Chad has news for Kate. Stefano is ready to make a big move. Will they be ready?
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Adrienne looks so sad. Our guess is that she went to give Sami a piece of her mind and Sami's making her regret it.
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EJ looks devastated. Any chance he's found out exactly who put him behind bars?
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Days of Our Lives Quotes

I have power over everything you care about, which obviously doesn't include me but I'll survive.


What a waste of a huge talent.

T (about the stripper)