Serena and Nicole get into an all out brawl at the night club opening. Who started it? Who will get blamed for starting it?
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Melanie and Brady swore that they'd take things slow. This doesn't look slow but then again, they both have issues with impulse control.
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What has Serena been looking for since she got to Salem? Well, it appears she finally finds it.
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Will makes a confession of his recent sins but not to Sonny. He bares his soul to grandma Kate.
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Nicole has a plan but it blows up in her face, again. Can't Nicole ever catch a break? Will Daniel take her side or turn against her?
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Alison Sweeney turned 32 in September of 2008. She's also pregnant with her second child.
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Oh my! With her and EJ finally back together what could cause Sami to have this kind of a breakdown?
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Tamara Braun looks great in this photo.
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Olivia & Ava White looks great in this photo.
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Nick and Gabi discuss the custody agreement on Days of Our Lives.
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Nick makes a surprise return to Salem on Days of Our Lives.
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Here's an image of Lexie Carver, looking their best.
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Days of Our Lives Quotes

Abigail: A woman of your class not to mention your ageā€¦
Kate: Careful, my pretty.

I do not want to cater to the Duck Dynasty crowd.