The Family Guy goes British in this season 10 episode of the sitcom.
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Quagmire manages to get Lois into his bed when Peter ends up with amnesia and adopts a bachelor lifestyle.
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In the Family Guy clue episode, everyone's a suspect when they're all invited to James Woods' house.
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Look who's back! Stewat resurrected his best friend Brian on the Christmas episode of Family Guy.
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Down with government! Peter joins the Tea Party on this episode of Family Guy.
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Lois Griffin is the mother on Family Guy and is much too attractive, intelligent and wealthy for her husband, Peter.
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Meg Griffin is the daughter on Family Guy and she just never seems to get any love, despite being voiced by the gorgeous Mila Kunis.
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When forced to run to Texas and dress as a girl, Stewie enters a Little Miss Texas Pageant.
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Family Guy Quotes

[when he has an orgasm with Carolyn] Wait. Wait! Wait!! OHHHH!!! And boom goes the dynamite.


Simon: Nice effort Brad, but let's remember our performance hierarchy: legitimate theatre, musical theatre, stand-up, ventriloquism, magic, mime