Bret and Jermaine both fall for the same girl (Brahbrah) whose dog went missing. Here they are presenting her with various dogs they think could be hers.
When Jermaine's one night stand, Keitha, comes by Jermaine's apartment to rob him, they duct tape poor Bret to the door.
Murray decides he wants to take his relationship with Bret and Jermaine to the next level and to actually become friends.
Bret forms a ragtag gang after he disses rappers at his latest gig and desperately needs protection.
After recklessly spending money on a new tea cup, a desperate Bret will do anything for money whether it's selling superstraws or selling his body on the street.
After firing Murray, Bret and Jermaine find themselves in a business deal where they have the potential to do a jingle for a commercial.
Did you ever know what Bret and Jermaine did back in New Zealand before they became the famous rock stars they are today? They were shepherds of course!
Dave and Jermaine get on the walkie talkies to help be solid wingmen for their boy Bret as he attempts to talk to the pet store girl.
The Conchords show off how cool they are to Murray, the Prime Minister and his new assistant played by guest star Lucy Lawless.
Murray tries to arrange a "chance meeting" with the President of the United States by taking the Prime Minister of New Zealand on a tour of the White House. Bret pretends to be the bodyguard.
Bret and Jermaine pose outside a barbership in a promotional picture for the Flight of the Conchords.
Arj Barker stars as Dave on HBO's Flight of the Conchords. Dave is pretty much Bret and Jermaine's only friend and he's not exactly a winner.

Flight of the Conchords Quotes

Jemaine: I think I know where I went wrong last night.
Bret: Yeah?
Jemaine: Yeah, Sally wanted to leave when you turned the light on. I think she found it weird - the whole thing with you there with the - with the light ... on.
Bret: Yeah, I think it might also be because she and I used to go out.
Jemaine: Yeah. It's 'cause you and her used to go out, but also because of the thing with the light. She's thinking, "Oh this is a nice situation." But then, "Ugh, who-- who turned on the light?"
Bret: Yeah. Yeah, maybe. But I think it's mainly because her and I used to go out... for like six months.
Jemaine: Yeah, well -- yeah, it's mainly because you used to go out, but also mainly because of the whole situation with the light.
Bret: Yeah, but the last thing you want to see when you're hooking up is your ex in the same room.
Jemaine: Yeah, and you also don't want to be startled by a light, do you?

Murray: I've told you. When you are in a band, you don't get with your bandmate's girlfriend. Past or present.
Jemaine: Yes, well, thanks for that.
Murray: You get a love triangle, you know, a Fleetwood Mac situation. Although there was four of them, so more of a love square. But you know, no-one gets on.
Jemaine: Ok, I see.
Murray: Mind you, they did make some of their best music back then.
Bret: Rumours
Murray: No. No, it's all true