Coach Taylor has his work cut out for him at East Dillon. He's gotta get these kids into shape.
High school is over for Matt, but his romance with Julie is not. They are still making out during season four.
Tim Riggins looks very bored in college. That's shocking, we know.
This is a photo from the season four premiere of Friday Night Lights. Looks like East Dillon wears red.
Eric and Tami have a new team to cheer for. Will the East Dillon Lions exhibit clear eyes and full hearts?

Friday Night Lights Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Eric: You ever play any football?
Vince: All the time. Madden.

6 a.m. sharp means a quarter to six.


Friday Night Lights Season 4 Episode 1 Music

  Song Artist
New in town New in Town Little Boots iTunes
Two headed coin Two-Headed Coin Obits iTunes
Cello song Cello Song Nick Drake iTunes