Come on! Can't you please help a mad scientist out? No one has to know.
Investigating unusual activity at a cemetery is pretty much par for the course for Peter. This is a scene from "Night of Desirable Objects."
Even for Walter, his experiment during the episode "Night of Desirable Objects" is unusual: he uses frogs to travel between realities.
Is something wrong with Olivia? That's a loaded question, considering what we know about this Fringe character.
Olivia visits the doctor during this scene from Fringe. It's taken from the show's second episode of the second season.
Peter and Olivia are in Pennsylvania for a case in this photo. A rather unusual investigation is underway there.

Fringe Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Astrid: We've been at this for five hours.
Walter: Science is patience.
Astrid: It's also slimy.

Peter: Did you check the drawers?
Olivia: Nope. Anything I've forgotten, they can keep. I don't want to spend another minute here. I'm, uh, no good at sitting around.
Peter: You're also no good at letting people help you.
Olivia: Oh, I'll let you carry my suitcase.