Sugar looks like Quinn here, Joe like Mike. It's the result of a head injury to Tina on the episode "Props."
Don't adjust your eyes, Gleeks. After Tina slams her head on the episode "Props," her world starts to look different.
Oh, yes. This is a photo of Puck making line Blaine, which is the result of Tina's imagination after she slams her head.
Mike Chang does his best Joe impression. At least in Tina mind, thanks to his unusual scene from "Props."
Your eyes are not deceiving you. When Tina bumps her head, she starts to see people a bit differently, as evidenced by this photo.
Rachel gets up to perform in this Glee scene. It's courtesy of the episode "Props."
This is a photo of Blaine. As Puck, of course. It's a long story and it's related to a head injury for Tina.

Glee Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Tina: My name is Tina. Tina Cohen Chang.
Sue: Isn't she the one who used to stutter?

You only have yourselves to blame. And the liberal media.


Glee Season 3 Episode 20 Music

  Song Artist
Glee cast because you loved me Because You Loved Me Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast i wont give up I Won't Give Up Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast flashdance what a feeling Flashdance... What A Feeling Glee Cast iTunes