The character of Charlie will return for the fourth season of Heroes. Will Hiro be able to save her this time?
This photo of Sylar is taken from a late-season three episode. The character, of course, is played by Zachary Quinto.
When Heroes returns for a fourth season, most of the show's original cast will return. Here's a promotional photo of the cast.
On season four of Heroes, Claire Bennet is off to college. She develops a close friendship there with her roommate.
In this shot of Hayden Panettiere on the Heroes set, the actress is wearing a New York Yankees shirt. Does this mean her character of Claire attends college, in season four, in NY?
This shot of Milo Ventimiglia is revealing. How come? Because it shows that his characters goes back to being a paramedic in season four of Heroes.
Peter Petrelli to the rescue! In this shot from the set of Heroes, Peter looks to be saving some woman on the street.
Say hello to Mr. Noah Bennet. You probably know this Heroes character better as "HRG," of course.

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Can you ever escape?

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