Nikki Blonsky anchors the unique cast of Huge. It's unlike anything you've seen on TV before, we promise that.
Nikki Blonsky is in character in this shot from the ABC Family drama Huge. She plays Will, a girl sent to weight loss camp by her parents.
Nikki Blonsky stars in the new ABC Family drama Huge. This is a promotional photo of the actress.
Nikki Blonsky anchors the cast of Huge. She plays on of several troubled teens at a weight loss camp.

Huge Quotes

You see, everyone's overweight, so the playing field is... more like there is one.


I feel like inside me, there's an even fatter person waiting to get out!


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  Song Artist
When they fight they fight When They Fight, They Fight Generationals iTunes
100 dollar remix $100 Dollar Remix Japanther iTunes
Song (It's Gonna) Get Ya P.I.M.P