Christopher Chance is a master of deception. In this scene, he poses like a janitor.
Chance must rescue a computer genius from a high-rise on the episode "Lockdown." He ponders that mission in this photo.
This is a photo from the Human Target episode "Lockdown." In it, Chance must save a computer genius.

Human Target Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Chance: Oh an Aunt Linda.
Winston: Uh uh, calling in the cavalry is an Uncle Dan.
Chance: No, calling in the cavalry is an Aunt Linda; I don't even know who Uncle Dan is.

Winston: All right, what the hell's going on? You heard me.
Guerrero: There's a guy out there, been looking for Chance for awhile. Just got one step closer I guess.
Winston: Who?
Guerrero: His old boss.