Mary sits in court and listens to a case during this scene from In Plain Sight's second season. It's courtesy of the episode "Duplicate Bridge."
Mary and Marshall have an interesting problem to deal with during the episode "Duplicate Bridge." Their witness is exposed, trapped under a collapsed building.
A building collapse draws attention to Mary's latest witness during the episode "Duplicate Bridge." It's the fourth installment of In Plain Sight's second season.

In Plain Sight Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

(Closing voice-over) I yearn for blind devotion - unthinking, unwavering - a cause, a thing, a principle worthy of absolute loyalty. A truth self-medicating, a love unabating, something - anything - to which I relinquish all personal responsibility. Semper Fi, 'Til Death Do Us Part', In Nomine Patris, Let's Go Mets. To the true believers, the lucky few, of thee I sing.

Mary Shannon

Oh, and Marshall for the record, I'd sell you out for a twinkie.