The dudes of the Jersey Shore never cease to entertain. We love these guys and the entertainment value they provide.
Sammi reads the letter penned by JWoww and Snooki. She learns about Ron-Ron creepin'. It's ugly. Real ugly.
Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola from Jersey Shore is kind of pathetic. Not to mention annoying. Girl, get it together.
Ronnie and Sammi from Jersey Shore have serious problems. Namely their inability to get a clue.
Snooki from Jersey Shore is one of the all-time characters. We don't necessarily mean that as a compliment, either.
The Situation will not be guest starring on Bones after all. Sad, but true.
Mike, Pauly and Vinny pose with Ronnie in a promo pic for Jersey Shore. Funny stuff right here.
Snooki Polizzi (real name Nicole) poses for a promotional shot for Jersey Shore. She's a character ... that's for sure.

Jersey Shore Quotes

Pauly D: Yo, if she still has coloring books ... she's too young for you, man.
Vinny: If she's got a basket on her bicycle ... she's too young for you man.
Pauly D: If she still has the parental controls on her TV ... she's too young for you bro.
Vinny: If she only owns Snow White on DVD ... she's too young for you man.
Pauly D: If his Keds still light up ... he's too young for you bro.
Ronnie: [laughs]
Pauly D: If she still plays laser tag ... she's too young for you bro.
JWoww: That's me.

[wasted] I don't need you. I don't NEED you.