Matt Dillon shows up on Modern Family this week. He plays the ex-boyfriend of Claire, and current boyfriend of Claire's mother.
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This isn't just a normal day by the pool for Gloria, Phil, Manny, and Luke.
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On their way to Manny's birthday party, Mitchell and Cam get distracted at the mall. They have this old couple to blame.
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Cam and Mitch make for one happy couple on Modern Family. But will they ever get married?
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Phil as a hairdresser on Modern Family? Why does this not seem remotely far fetched?!?
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Cam ditches a spa day with Mitchel to head to a bachelor party on Modern Family. "Las Vegas" is the 18th episode of the show's fifth season.
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Haley arrives for an interview on Modern Family. "Queer Eyes, Full Hearts" is the seventh episode of the show's sixth season.
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When Gloria's sister arrives, Jay worries that she will ruin his plans for a romantic evening on Modern Family.
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Modern Family Quotes

By the way, do not look up peeing games on the internet.


You're the last person who should give me anything. You got me here. You got me to graduation, to Cal tech. You did it. You're done.