Jay and Claire get into an argument when Jay intentionally hits Phil with a plane in the face and kind of admits he's never liked the guy.
Everyone gathers around papa Jay to get in for a group hug on last night's episode of Modern Family.
Gloria takes her granddaughter Alex to lunch to try and convince her she's pretty and should wear a dress to the wedding.
Manny may have come over to bond with Luke, but he ends up spending more time with his step-sister, Claire. Yeah, it's funny they're siblings.
Phil has seen better days. The family gathers around, as this cool dad tries to recover from injuries.

Modern Family Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Claire: Oh, go figure. A teenage boy doesn't want to hang out with his girlfriend's dad.
Phil: I thought we were past all that. I'm all about taking it to the next level.
Claire: Really? I thought you were all about keeping it real.
Phil: Yes, but the whole point of keeping it real is so you can take it to the next level. Did you really not know that?

You know, instead of trying to force me to wear a dress, why don't you worry about getting Luke to wear some pants?

Alex [to Claire]